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Yes on Measures 66 & 67

December 15, 2009

For all you Oregon voters- we have an election coming up on January 26th with important Measures 66 and 67. Right now, more than two-thirds of corporations doing business in Oregon pay just $10 a year in the corporate minimum income tax. We have one of the lowest corporate taxes on the west coast. That’s absurd! The plan: Increase the $10 corporate minimum income tax for the first time since 1931. The new minimum will start at $150. Increase the marginal tax rate on corporate profits above $250,000 by 1.3% (above $10 million in 2013). Increase the marginal tax rate on personal income above $250,000 for couples by 1.8%. These reforms protect nearly $1 billion in vital services like education, health care and public safety.

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Health Care Coverage for Oregon Kids

December 15, 2009

I went to an event tonight for Children First for Oregon. I was impressed to learn about the notable achievements we have made in expanding health insurance coverage to an additional 80,000 children under the Healthy Kids Plan and Kids Connect. Oregon is committed to covering 95% of uninsured kids in our state. Check out Children First and all the great work they’re doing to ensure children have access to health services.

American Cancer Society Shifting its Message on Screening for Breast and Prostate Cancer

October 26, 2009

Screening is an important tool of secondary prevention of disease in public health. Of course screening tools are not perfect. The American Cancer Society (ACS), a long defender of cancer screening, is now working on a message to emphasize that breast and prostate cancer screenings can come with a real risk of overtreating many small cancers while missing cancers that are deadly. My concern is how we are going to communicate this to the public in a way that doesn’t deter people from getting screened. The ACS hasn’t even come up with its message to the public and they’re already getting media coverage. This is a real opportunity for a public health campaign to educate the public about cancer screenings.

Think Before You Pink

October 10, 2009

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a great time to donate money to breast cancer. But there are some critical questions to ask before you buy pink. Breast Cancer Action is a great breast cancer advocacy organization. They have a campaign- Think Before You Pink. One issue they identify that I find very disturbing is that many companies that raise funds for breast cancer also make products that are linked to the disease.

The moral debate of health care reform

October 10, 2009

Nicholas Kristof, op-ed Columnist for the NY Times, has a great take on the moral implications of health care reform in his piece Let Congress Go Without Insurance. At what cost to human lives will we continue to view access to health care as a privilege, rather than a right? Why is it that we continue to be the only great industrialized nation without universal access to health care? As Kristof points out it seems to be a matter of priorities, not money. We are willing to spend trillions of dollars on the war in Iraq, yet when it comes to a matter of acting in the best interest of our citizens, we have failed. We have members of Congress, who have access to the best health insurance, making decisions for those whose lives have been devastated by inadequate coverage. Maybe it’s time for members of Congress to truly put themselves in the shoes of their constituents for them to make decisions about access to health care that will actually benefit the American public.