Too much information is never a bad thing?


Personally I am of the mind that you can never have too much information. Information is good. But I guess if you want to be picky you have to ask who is the information coming from and is it actually factual. Also key is when you provide information, you need to let the consumers of that info know what it means.

I bring up these points because of two news articles this weeks:
First, as you may of heard “Smart Choices” may not actually be so smart, or healthy for that matter. This week the FDA raised concerns over the Smart Choices nutrition labeling program, created voluntarily by nine large U.S. manufacturers. The program has now been halted. The program was meant to highlight foods that meet certain nutritional standards with a green label on package fronts. Great! I can know which packaged foods are healthy! What a great tool for people! Unfortunately the program didn’t exactly define healthy as you or I would because I don’t think you would call Fruit Loops cereal a health food. You think this would be pretty simple….
The other news was out of Sweden. The Swedes have new labels listing the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production of foods from whole wheat pasta to fast food burgers and they are appearing on some grocery items and restaurant menus around the country. This is important because changing one’s diet can be as effective in reducing emissions of climate-changing gases as changing the car one drives or doing away with the clothes dryer, scientific experts say. I think it’s great, but you just have to let people know what “.87 kg CO2 per kg of product” actually means in relation to anything.

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