H1N1 Flu Vaccination


So the outpouring of people wanting the H1N1 flu vaccination has been wonderful in my opinion. I was a little worried because in the news you kept hearing about all the anti-vaccinators or the people who were hesitant to get the vaccine, but that doesn’t seem to be the voice of the majority (thank goodness). The only thing that would make this whole situation more awesome is if there was actually enough vaccine to go around.

Officials seemed to have severely overestimated the amount of vaccine that would be available and when. Granted, producing vaccine is a tricky, but officials know this and should be able to provide more accurate estimates (they were off by 30% and when you are talking about millions of doses, you end up being off by quite a lot). NPR and NY Times both had articles about why there is a shortage currently. Pretty enlightening on the situation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. While there is H1N1 going around, flu season is not in full swing yet (although some states are worse than others currently). It seems that there will be enough vaccine to go around eventually. Will people still be wanting to get vaccinated in one or two months or will the momentum die? Despite my expressed patience I must admit that I made sure my pregnant sister-in-law knew about a county flu clinic this weekend. She waited in line for three hours and she was luckily able to get one before they ran out. Extolling patience is one thing, but it is different when it is your own family at risk.


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