Soda Taxation


I don’t know if the commercial is playing nationwide or just in Oregon, but it is an anti-soda tax ad with a very serious “mom” unloading groceries from her car talking about how hard it is to feed her kids and taxes aren’t going to help with that.  Maybe it is just me, but I always end up making snide remarks whenever I see this commercial because soda pop is not food.  It drives me nuts.  Soda has no nutritional value, so therefore it does not contribute to you feeding your kids.  It is not like taxing milk, or fruit, or even crackers. It would be pennies per soda.  Some people drink A LOT of soda so this would add up (over a lifetime), but do not tell me that a soda tax will be detrimental to you feeding your kids!

Sorry, that’s my rant (the commercial really bugs me).  Here is an article from NPR about the issue of soda taxation and its merits in helping to pay for health care.

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One Response to “Soda Taxation”

  1. katiefpdx Says:

    I finally found the anti-soda tax ad on YouTube! Here is the link:


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