Switzerland is the New Black


Every day/week/month/etc there seems to be a new country or model from which someone thinks the US should model it health care system after. Right now the en vogue model isSwitzerland. While Switzerland offers health care to all of its citizens, it is not like other counties with universal coverage. The government mandates that all citizens must have insurance but it is private insurers that must offer coverage to anyone and everyone, thus it is not a government run plan. (You can see why this would be a popular model with some in the US).

Read the article and see what you think, but I have a problem with models. Yes, that seems to work in Switzerland. That’s great. Switzerland has 7.5 million people. The US has 304 million. You can’t just transplant one model that works one place and expect it to work somewhere else. While that would be the nice and easy method, and everyone wants nice and easy, but health care reform is going to require some real work and while Switzerland seems like a good model and we could use elements of their plan, we need something that will be right for the US for the long term. And that isn’t going to be easy…but it will be nice once we get there.



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