Garbage Management


Another interesting one from Vancouver…

I read this article in the Vancouver weekly, Georgia Straight. There’s been a major discussion there about the future of garbage handling. As we all know, the way that waste is handled is crucial to health. I was really surprised to find out that recycling in Vancouver is currently at 55%, with goals to reach 70% by 2015.

One Response to “Garbage Management”

  1. Neil Says:

    To give this context and a compartive angle. Where do people think Portland, OR is at in terms of recycling efforts?

    Portland’s aim is to be at 75% by 2015. As of ’07 they had a recycling rate of 63%. More surprising, at least to me, was of that remaining 37 percent, 28% represented recyclables found in the trash. So of course my initial reaction is to compare those averages to my own recycling habits. I feel that I’m an educated recycler, but after a little digging on my local city’s website I had a bit of a wake up call. I didn’t know that I could put dried paint cans into the blue co-mingle cart, or that by placing yard debris in the trash counts as putting a recyclable in the trash. It ashames me to admit that. We should each challenge ourselves to better align our recycling habits and the sustainable message many of us live by. Do you know if you can recycle a 100% compostable corn-based cup? Learn from my mistakes.

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