Dell’s Joining the Electronic Medical Records Game


A friend sent me this.  Looks like Dell wants to get into the electronic medical records field.  I’m guessing this is a cash cow at the moment, especially considering President Obama’s plan to streamline healthcare.  I find this interesting considering one of the major EMR players, Epic, is situated right outside of Madison, WI, where I lived for seven years before moving to Portland to attend grad school.  It feels like half of the 20-somethings in Madison work for Epic.  I’m wondering if Dell even has a shot considering the others have such a huge head start. Dell’s plan to target small practices (10 doctors or less) will probably help with that.

For the record, I think EMR is genius.  Not only does it reduce errors and increase efficiency, but it makes many types of research more feasible. And I am a research nerd through and through. That said, the transition is often bumpy. So godspeed, Dell.

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